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Information Technology Businesses For Sale

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2 Businesses For Sale
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    Kuala Lumpur

    Ecommerce Websites and Online Stores

    • Annual Revenue: N/A
    • Annual Net Profit: N/A
    • Rental: RM0
    Membership Registration from admin backend. Suspend Membership, Terminate Membership, Quick Registration. * Member only allow to register downline and edit own profile View network Genealogy Change Genealogy Trace Upline Trace Sponsor * Member can view network tree only Top Up Transfer Withdra...
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    Information Technology


    • Monthly Revenue: N/A
    • Monthly Net Profit: N/A
    • Rental: N/A
    RICHWAY 是个农业,外汇和渔业,3合一的平台,每个月30%利润,每十天10%利润直接汇进你的银行户口 RICHWAY 是在25/5/2016成立,那时候是试跑,真正开放给大众加入是在8月,目前会员已经1++++人了 每10天都会发10% 进场4.6 出场4.0 最低投资金额100美金到3200美金 Richway 经济不好,马币贬值,万物涨价,人民心声,有谁了解。。。。 RICHWAY 让你每月有多余的收入。 每10天10% 利润,每10天派米,一个月共30% 本金没锁定(随时可以提款) 介绍下线,每10天抽取1%利润 本身投资(最...
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